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Other Services

At our complete collision repair shop, we can handle virtually any repair you may need. See our experts for a variety of repairs, including those that are not the result of an accident.

Air Bag System Replacements

Whether your airbag has deployed or it simply is not working properly, let our experts examine it. We can determine if a repair is possible or a replacement is necessary. Air bag systems are generally an expensive repair, so people often assume a deployed air bag means a totaled vehicle. At Hudson Collision, our experienced technicians will let you know if your air bag – and your vehicle – can be repaired safely.

Automobile Frame Repair and Vehicle Frame Straightening

Proper repair of your vehicle’s frame is crucial in maintaining its integrity and safe operation. We thoroughly examine your vehicle frame before determining the best plan for repair and straightening, from small cars using unibody platforms to larger SUVs and light trucks using a body-on-frame design. Our I-Car certified automobile technicians use a state-of-the-art laser measuring system to carefully straighten and repair your vehicle’s frame using appropriate and quality materials, so you know your car or truck will continue to operate safely.

Paintless Dent Repair

Sometimes hail, small stones or the neighbor’s bike can dent your vehicle without damaging the paint. At Hudson Collision we are pleased to offer paintless dent repair (PDR) as an easy solution that maintains the integrity of your vehicle’s original paint. This same day service is guaranteed by our trained experts and is a great alternative to conventional dent repairs that typically require repainting a section of your vehicle.